Victoria’s Secret Training is just like a BootyBurn class!!

Just in case you haven’t heard, the iconic Victoria’s Secret show has supposedly been cancelled for 2019. The VS show has been under much scrutiny since 2018, with viewers calling for more body diversity when casting the models. With a new CEO on board they’ve decided to take a breather, reassess the brand and make moves (hopefully) in the right direction.

Whilst we won’t be seeing the lingerie clad women of VS grace the runway this year, we can still put a spotlight on their infamous workout routines #trainlikeanangel. From Aussie babe Shanina Shaik, to runway veteran Candice Swanepoel, we’ve spotted a few similarities between their training routines and our very own Lisa Burns BootyBurn classes!

Using the same technique in our popular Lisa Burns Training Studio BootyBurn classes, the VS super models run through several light-weight, light resistance and body weighted exercises. Our BootyBurn classes have been created to not only help activate and fire up the glutes, but to also work the body in a way that is perfect for women! The ankle and hand weights are never more than 1-1.5kg. Sounds easy, right? Don’t be fooled!

1. Add weights to your routine

Kirk Myers, owner of the now famous DogPound Gym in New York takes donkey kicks and fire hydrants to the next level by adding resistance such as ankle weights.

"Do it with ankle weights. It makes it more challenging. You can also use pulses in it," he suggests.

VS Angels Jasmine Tookes, Romee Strijd, Martha Hunt, Elsa Hosk and Sara Sampaio are all a fan of this form of workout.

Alessandra Ambrosio discussed her love for ankles weights when achieving a round booty, commenting “for mine, I put five-pound weights on each leg, get on all fours and kick each heel up toward the ceiling."

Just like the DogPound gym in New York, our BootyBurn workout uses ankle weights throughout to get your glutes fired up! Our girls have seen amazing results after attending 1-3 classes per week!

2. Invest in a BootyBurn Band

Just like your favourite Victoria Secret model, investing in a BootyBurn Band will soon become your new bestie and lightest travel companion. Whether you are on the go, travel often or need quick lunchbreak workout, our BootyBurn Bands are light on your bag but heavy on the body!

Shop the Lisa Burns BootyBurn Band online or in the studio today.

3. BootyBurn

Our BootyBurn classes will get your glutes firing! We provide you with all the BootyBurn essentials; ankle weights, resistance bands, light hand weights and sliders! You will learn how to isolate the glutes, whilst also working your abdominals and upper body. Not to mention we pump the high-energy music to get you in the mood!! Think pilates mat class on steroids!!

Have you tried a Lisa Burns BootyBurn workout? Check out the class details here.


Victoria Secret angels also love a barre class! Join us at Lisa Burns Training Studio Perth every Monday at 6am with trainer Zoe. Zoe combines her passion for choreography and dance to create a cardio mash up, that is BARBURN.

Most of the VS models have posted a photo on their Instagram alongside a ballet barre. Barre workouts have become a great way to tone and build strength. Elsa Hosk, Karlie Kloss and Lily Aldridge are all a fan of a barre workout.

Lily also likes to mix up her workout routine commenting “'I do Ballet Beautiful and I love yoga and Pilates and boxing," she says, upping her workouts from three to six sessions a week in the lead-up to the show.

We hope you see you in one of our Doubleview Studio classes soon!!

For more details feel free to give us a call Ph: 0401 221 564

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