BootyBurn Trainer Janine Long.

Updated: Jun 12, 2019

Janine is currently overseas but will back teaching on Thursday the 4th of July.

How long have you been doing BootyBurn?

Jan: I started booty burn while I was recovering from a broken foot and struggling to find any exercise I could do with my foot, and that I enjoyed. Lisa was able to tailor the exercises for me while my foot recovered and I loved the classes. That first class was in 2016 I think.. and I have never looked back!

What changes have you noticed since starting BootyBurn?

Jan: I have found I am much stronger in my upper body i.e. shoulders and arms and my arms are so much more toned! I have also noticed that my booty has got shape finally! It's rounder and more toned, which I have never been able to get with other exercise classes. Additionally my core strength has improved and my previous back problems have benefited from this. I could go on and on..

Why do you love teaching BootyBurn?

Jan: Because the classes are fun! The music gets you excited and it's almost like dancing. Everyone who knows me, knows I love dancing! But mainly I know the classes get results, so it's great to see regular girls in my classes starting to improve and get strong!

What do you love doing on a day off?

Jan: On a day off you'll find me at the beach with my dog Archie, hanging around at Mr Herbert's drinking coffee eating a smoothie bowl or reading a good book. Or perhaps all 3 in one day if I'm lucky!

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