What do you love about Lisa Burns Training Studio...

Sisters Rebecca and Paige Lynch popped in the studio to answer a few questions about their training regime at Lisa Burns Training Studio.

1.What do you love about BootyBurn:

Rebecca: Booty burn (and all of classes at Lisa Burns) is on a whole new level. What I love about booty burn is that it makes me feel strong, toned and powerful. Not only do I feel amazing afterwards, but I can see that it is doing amazing things to my body. Every class is energising and highly motivating… it is constantly changing so that we can try new things and test our bodies in different way. I love that booty burn also targets the whole body, my core is engaged in almost all exercises, improving my strength and posture.I love that BootyBurn suits our own personal fitness goals and love that Lisa pushes me to push a little harder, hold a position for longer, do a few more reps or sink a little deeper in a squat.

Paige: I strongly disliked exercising prior to starting Booty Burn, but when my sister introduced me to the studio I was hooked. It’s such a positive and challenging fitness environment- you’re surrounded by like-minded people, and all exercises are flexible in terms of the weights and resistance you use. Lisa constantly motivates you to push yourself further and harder, which is evident by the amazing results I have achieved. It is completely unique in it’s approach, and UNLIKE no other gym class! 

2.What changes have you seen since training at Lisa Burns Training Studio:

Bec: Since training at the studio, I feel so motivated to exercise and increase my fitness as I leave every class feeling stronger, more energised and powerful! From starting boxing at the studio, I feel like my punches are getting stronger and more accurate every week. Boxing felt a little funny at first but quickly became addictive as the classes focus on improving our coordination and technique. I have become so much stronger in my core and arms and love that I can not only see but feel my entire body getting stronger. Body burn has significantly increased my fitness! This class really has pushed my body beyond what I thought I could. It’s amazing how these classes have made me feel not only physically (fit, strong and powerful) but also mentally… healthy, happy and positive.

Paige: I feel stronger, more energised and definitely more motivated to exercise. As the routines change every 3 weeks, you tone and work different muscles. As a result, I feel like I’ve been able to increase my strength across various muscle groups, upper and lower body as well as core.

3. What is your favourite activity to do on a day off?

Bec: I love spending my days of catching up with friends for brunch or a coffee. When it is a warm and sunny day I love to take my dogs down to the beach and go for a nice walk to relax and reset my body for the week.

Paige: On a day off I enjoy walking my dog, going to the beach, cooking or eating out.

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