Our very own exclusive class. We all want a nice round booty and this is the perfect class to give you just that! If someone told you to just squat to get a nice behind, don't believe everything you hear. You may find it hard to activate your glutes during training, I will show you how we can isolate the glutes and get them firing. We also work the abdominals and upper body during the class.We supply you with ankle weights and resistance bands. All you need is a mat, towel and water. No shoes required!


The perfect combination of Bar and BootyBurn. 


BodyBurn was developed to further develop the BootyBurn concept. BodyBurn will be a great addition to any training schedule or the perfect starting point to any fitness goal. The class consists of four blocks, starting with an aerobic warmup, followed by upper and lower body strength and finishing with core.​ All fitness levels welcome. Please wear shoes to the class.


Combine your two favourite classes, BootyBurn & Boxing. Lisa will take you through 55mintues of just enough cardio and just enough BootyBurn to get you bikini body ready! Equipment supplied.



Our Boxing sessions really do burn!! If you want to burn lots of calories whilst having fun, then this is for you. Not only will you learn technique but you will also run through drills and exersises to teach you to become the best you can be. A great stress reliever! All equipment Supplied.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

A dynamic flowing practice which encourages the mind to fully surrender as the body moves in sync with the breath. Each class brings together a creative flow focusing on the various elements of yoga – Strength, Flexibility, Balance, Focus and Relaxation. This energetic class is sure to get you fired up for the day ahead.

Suitable for all levels, postures can be modified as needed for each individual. 

Pilates Mat

If you are looking to work on tone, increased flexibility, better posture, more efficient movement and strength then Pilates Mat is the class for you. Equipment is added and also optional, to increases the intensity of the class.