BootyBurn was created by Lisa Burns in September 2015. Lisa had no glute activation and very weak hamstrings. Years of heavy weight training and teaching Body Pump she still had no butt and weak hamstrings. 

Lisa then cut back on her weight training and focused on small isolated exersizes for the glutes for 30minutes a week. Gradually over time the glutes became stronger. 

This is when Lisa decided to create a class (BootyBurn) that was mainly 'booty' focused but also included work on other parts of the body using light resistance and ankle weights. After hiring community centre rooms and only telling her friends about it, BootyBurn now has a large following and has changed the shape of not just boots, but bodies over this time. BootyBurn is the perfect workout for females to build strength and stability without the use of heavy weights to create a feminine and lean physique.